Storm Brakes

Cranes in port and container terminals around the world are exposed to high stress due to climate change strengthened by storms or sudden wind interference.

Other emergency situations represent blackouts.

The use of storm brakes prevents that cranes are set in motion by external forces and thus endanger people and goods.

In this application area SIBRE globally works together with crane manufacturers, suppliers and operators for many years to offer high-end storm braking systems for railmounted cranes through using the most up-to-date means of production and technology.

These brake systems not only convince of their high quality, but also through efficiency and serviceability at the same time.



  • Static storm brakes for rail mounted
  • cranes to prevent runaway in a storm
  • or power failure

Design Advantages

  • Inindividually adjustable closing time
  • suitable for different rail and wheel sizes
Sibre RHI Storm Brakes

Type RHI

Spring applied, hydraulically released wheel brake with lateral play according to the well proven advantages of SHI-caliper design

pdf-icon-24 Clamping Force: 30KN – 85KN, Type: RHI 30 – 85

pdf-icon-24 Clamping Force: 26KN – 83KN, Type: RHI 101 – 105

pdf-icon-24Product Information

Sibre Type RPS

Type RPS

Spring applied, hydraulically released rail brake according to the well proven advantages of SHI-caliper brakes.

pdf-icon-24 Clamping Force: 200KN – 320KN, Type: RPS 200 – 300

pdf-icon-24 Clamping Force: 450KN – 550KN, Type: RPS 450 – 600

Sibre RTCB Storm Brakes


Gravity applied, electro-hydraulic thruster released wheel chock brake

Clamping Force: 225KN, Type: RTCB 225 – 80/6


Sibre Type RKB Storm Brakes

Type RKB

Gravity applied, electro-hydraulic thruster released wheel chock brake.