Polyurethane Buffers – Bumpers PB

Polyurethane Buffers are safety protection devices that can be applied to a wide range of material handling applications such as:

  • Industrial
  • Construction Cranes
  • Elevators
  • All corners around automobiles
  • All kinds of transmission devices

This buffer also can absorb the impact energy and transform it into elastic potential energy because of its micro-cellular structures. This is provided through the damping effect in the micro-cellular ‘gas’ spring.

Polyurethane Buffers – Bumpers PB

Advantages of this buffer

  • Excellent anti-pressure and restore capability
  • Good impact resistant
  • Perfect ageing-resistant
  • Good chemical stability
  • Corrosion-resistant capability
  • Low cost
  • Easier maintenance
  • Damping smoothly
  • Low noise
  • No flash spark

Polyurethane Buffer Net Pricing below in AUD.

The ones in Blue are ex stock Melbourne. Dims are dia x height in mm


PB-A-1 65 x 80PB-A-9125 x 160PB-A-17250 x 250
PB-A-2  80 x 80PB-A-10160 x 125PB-A-18250 x 320
PB-A-3 80 x 100 PB-A-11 160 x 160PB-A-19320 x 250
PB-A-4100 x 80PB-A-12160 x 200PB-A-20320 x 320
PB-A-5 100 x 100PB-A-13200 x 160
PB-A-6100 x 125PB-A-14200 x 200
PB-A-7125 x 100PB-A-15200 x 250
PB-A-8125 x 125PB-A-16250 x 200
PB-C-1 65 x 80PB-C-9125 x 160 PB-C-17 250 x 250
PB-C-2  80 x 80PB-C-10160 x 125PB-C-18250 x 320
PB-C-3 80 x 100 PB-C-11 160 x 160PB-C-19320 x 250
PB-C-4100 x 80PB-C-12160 x 200 PB-C-20 320 x 320
PB-C-5 100 x 100PB-C-13200 x 160PB-C-21320 x 400
PB-C-6100 x 125 PB-C-14 200 x 200PB-C-22320 x 450
PB-C-7125 x 100PB-C-15200 x 250PB-C-23400 x 450
PB-C-8 125 x 125PB-C-16250 x 200PB-C-24400 x 300
PB-C-25430 x 450

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