Hydraulic Buffers – Bumpers HD

Gas-Liquid Hybrid Hydraulic Bumpers Series HD are widely used for all kinds of production and material handling machinery for mechanization and automation industry.

This type of buffer has a good absorbing efficiency (attenuation coefficient), the impact of energy (over 90%) transforms into thermal energy because the ‘gas’ spring is used to rest the hybrid buffer from travelling at high speed minimising the rebound effect and speed. Thanks to the ‘gas’ spring the hybrid hydraulic bumper is able to run smoothly with minimal impact and force.

This buffer can be applied:

  • Horizontal- ship to shore contain cranes, railway automotive, transportation vehicle for metallurgical workshop
  • Vertical- Elevators and mine pits
  • Rotational- Conveyors and car dumpers

There are two chambers in these hydraulic bumpers, the gas chamber and the oil chamber. To begin with the gas chamber will hold a certain volume of nitrogen and the oil chamber will hold hydraulic oil. At this stage the Piston Rod will reach its maximum capacity. All components are in a stable position. Meanwhile the Hydraulic Oil in the oil chamber will move towards the left which moves the insulation kit. The nitrogen gas held inside the gas chamber will absorb this impact of energy which forms the ‘Gas’ Spring. The gas spring helps to push the buffer elements back to there initial positions after a collision. The oil continues to flow through the throttle holes, transforming the mechanical energy to thermal energy, resulting in a total efficiency of no less than 80%.

Hydraulic Buffers - Bumpers HD

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