Sibre Brakes Australia

Sibre Brakes Australia is the exclusive Distributor for SIBRE – Siegerland Bremsen range of industrial braking products.

Our core product range consists of the following:

  • Failsafe Disc Brakes (Spring applied, Thruster released)
  • Calliper Brakes (Spring applied, Hydraulic released)
  • Compact Calliper Brakes (Thruster or Solenoid released)
  • Industrial Drum Brakes
  • Storm Brakes (Rail and Wheel clamp varieties)
  • High speed disc and drum couplings (flexible, rigid or Gear) in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Bisalloy 80
  • Crane wheels with Flame hardened profiles
  • EMG Electro Hydraulic Thrusters (Eldro and ELHY variants)
  • Hydraulic and Polyurethane Crane Buffers and Bumpers

All components are manufactured exclusively in our two manufacturing plants in Haiger, Germany… With local supply of complete brakes and spare parts for the Australian market, stocked in Melbourne. We also have a network of service agents across Australia.

Our products are used extensively in the Mining, Ports, Steel and Power Generation industries on Conveyor drives, Stackers, Reclaimers, Ship Loaders, Ship-to-Shore, overhead and Gantry Cranes to name a few…

Failsafe Disc Brakes

Failsafe Disc Brakes

The term “Failsafe” implies that the brakes are normally closed or “Spring Applied” and must be powered to open in order to allow the equipment they are protecting to operate.


Industrial Drum Brakes

SIBRE Industrial Drum brakes are specifically designed for both static and dynamic applications that require one or more safety devices to prevent uncontrolled operation.


EMG Electro Hydraulic Thrusters

EMG Electro Hydraulic Thrusters, both ELDRO and ELHY designs, have been the market leader in terms of reliability and service life for more than 50 years.

Why Sibre Brakes

Sibre Australia Pty Ltd is an exclusive Distributor for Sibre Germany offering the Siegerland Bremsen range of drum and disc brakes with a choice of either EMG or ELHY electrohydraulic thrusters.

Now Available from Sibre

Off the shelf coupling configurations, disc and drum. Polyurethane Buffers. Hydraulic Release units.

Australia’s Exclusive

Distributor of German Products such as:
Disc Brakes, Drum Brakes, Storm Brakes, Hydraulic Power Packs, Release Thrusters, Buffers