Disc Couplings

Sibre Australia offer a wide variety of Disc Couplings to accompany our range Failsafe Disc Brakes

Disc couplings suitable for both High & Low speed applications are available in the following designs:

  • Pin or Cone & Ring APC Range up to 6,500 Nm Nominal Torquesibre disc couplings
  • Flexible Jaw Element AFC range up to 19,200 Nm Nominal Torque
  • Gear Coupling ZKES Range up to 45,000 Nm Nominal Torque
  • Rigid Hub with Bolted Disc N Series up to 88,000 Nm Maximum Torque
  • Custom Rigid Designs Suitable for +88,0000 Nm upon request
  • Disc Sizes Up to 1200 mm In Carbon Steel, Stainless and Bisalloy 80
  • Larger Sizes upon request Manufactured Locally

In all cases bores can be machined to finished size, either locally or ex-works Germany, according to ISO-fitting H7, DIN 7161, with keyways according to DIN 6885/1, P9 tolerance.  Axial fixing of coupling hub possible with set-screw above the key ( upon request )

Individual balancing of coupling components, especially required for High Speed Applications is also available either locally or ex-works Germany with full reports provided.


APC                                              Flexible Coupling AFC


Gear Coupling ZKES                     ALC


ASC                                              Hub with bolted disc

ASCHub with Disc


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