TE Drum Brakes

The TE series drum brakes shown here have been developed using state of the art industrial brake technology. This robust model was particularly designed for use in general engineering, metallurgy, crane and conveyor plants, for use both underground and above ground, as well as in wind turbine plants. These brakes are for use whenever a constant brake torque is of utmost importance.

Design Advantages

  • Robust design with all bearings and pivot points fitted with teflon coated, white metal bushes
  • Rust and acid resistant stainless steel pins
  • Optimized lever geometry resulting in an increased brake force, dramatically increased efficiency and service life, along with increased lining clearence
  • Braking torque independent of disc rotating direction
  • Square spring tube with graduated torque scale to facilitate torque adjustment
  • Easily replaceable, asbestos free, organic brake linings for surface speeds up to 25 m/s and max temperature of 250⁰ C
  • Reduced maintenance by means of SIBRE-wear-compensator
  • The SIBRE-synchronization linkage guarantees an equal and synchronous movement of brake arms, ensuring equal lining clearance without any manual adjustment of air-gap.
  • Compact envelope dimensions and symmetrical design mean no more right handed or left handed design

TE – External spring and electro-hydraulic thruster to DIN 15435


TEC – Internal spring and electro-hydraulic thruster to DIN 15435

THI – External spring and hydraulic cylinder to DIN 15435

TPI – External spring and pneumatic cylinder to DIN 15435

TMB – External torque spring and solenoid to DIN 15435

TE-I – Imperial drum brake, AISE standard, thruster release, external spring

TE-I – Imperial drum brake, AISE standard, thruster release, internal spring

Technical Documentation