Failsafe Disc Brakes

The SIBRE range of Failsafe Disc Brakes is not only the most diverse in the market place, but also the most technologically advanced, from our compact CB range, to larger USB Thruster Disc Brakes, and all the way up to our SHI Hydraulically released emergency holding brakes.

The term “Failsafe” implies that the brakes are normally closed or “Spring Applied” and must be powered to open in order to allow the equipment they are protecting to operate.

In the event of a power loss or emergency stop situation, the brakes will Spring Apply, protecting the equipment and surrounding people, therefore making the system Failsafe.

SIBRE Failsafe Disc brakes are specifically designed for both static and dynamic applications that require one or more safety devices to prevent uncontrolled operation including, but not limited to:

  • Conveyor Drives (defined under AS 4024 & AS 1755)
  • Cranes, Hoists and Winches (defined under AS 1418 & AS 2550)
  • Stackers, Reclaimers, Shiploaders and other types of bulk material processing equipment

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the correct brake for an application, and our team are on hand to offer advice and work with you to ensure we select the most appropriate style of brake for your technical and budgetary requirements.

A diverse range of release options is also on offer, from solenoid and pneumatic actuators for our Compact (CB) and USB range, to the popular self-contained EMG Electro-Hydraulic Thruster units, up to our range of Standard and Custom Hydraulic Units.

And all exclusively manufactured and tested by our factory in Germany.


Thruster Disc Brakes – USB

Thruster disc brake, Torque range up to


Thruster Disc Brakes – TEXU

Heavy Duty Disc brake, suitable for braking forces of 3,000Nm – 30,000Nm.


Compact Disc Brakes – CB8

Compact disc brake Torque range up to


Hydraulic Disc Brakes – SHI

Our standalone failsafe caliper brake, often used for low speed shaft of Hoists in container cranes and similar.


Disc Couplings

A range of disc brake coupling designs to suit a variety of applications.


Release Units

Mini Hydraulic power units designed to be used to release our SHI Calliper Brakes.