Thrusters for GEC – Witton Kramer KT

EMG also manufactures a range of Eldro Thrusters designed to directly interchange with the old Imperial GEC/AEG & Witton Kramer (KT Range) Thrusters, that have been supplied into the market for many years.  These units encompass the same quality & design specifications of the Standard Eldro Range with special mounting points that make them “Directly Interchangeable”, with these previous Imperial Design Thrusters, that in many cases are no longer readily available.


GEC Exchange Units
GEC – Tyoe ELDRO Type
KT 402 ED 23/5.5
KT 752 / KT 1002 ED 50/6.5
KT 1503 ED 80/6.5
KT 2503 ED 80/6.6
KT 5005 ED 201/12.5
KT 6505 ED 301/12.5
KT 8008 ED 350/20.2

GEC Exchange units image




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