Thruster Disc Brakes – TEXU


SIBRE’s TEXU design disc brake is, without a doubt, the most technically advanced Failsafe Disc Brake on the market today…  TEXU combines the advantages of a drum brake, into a modern disc brake design, and is available exclusively to SIBRE customers…  No other manufacturer has anything like it!Thruster-Disc-Brakes-TEXU-Sibre

The TEXU design incorporates two pairs of symmetrically located Callipers that apply the braking force evenly at opposite sides of the disc.  As a result the tangential forces applied to the disc and gearbox shaft are reduced to effectively zero, allowing higher braking torques to be applied without increased mechanical design of shafts, baseplates or Gearbox bearings.

Upon closing, the geometry of the TEXU design evenly applies the brake force via the synchronising linkage to both pairs of brake levers.  The use of only one thruster ensures that both sets of Callipers open and close at exactly the same time, providing an equal air gap at all 4 linings. And of course any lining wear is compensated for by our reliable automatic wear compensator.

The extremely slim width of the TEXU brake further minimises the clearance required between motor and gearbox, further reducing the size of the overall assembly as well as minimising overhang on gearbox and motor shafts.

Benefits for the OEM

  • reduced costs for brake disc and control system
  • reduced costs for gear box due to:
  • reduced distance between input and output shaft
  • shorter input shaft
  • smaller bearing of input shaft

 Benefits for Operator

  • reduced investment costs
  • reduced operating costs due to reduced size of disc
  • increased efficiency due to reduced inertia of disc
  • increased torque = increased safety for emergency stops from overspeed

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