Track Wheels for Heavy Machines


DIN 15090 Track Wheels for Heavy Machines offer forged wheels of Ø315 to Ø1000 mm  as well as complete shaft / wheel / bearing  assemblies to suit customer specifications.

  • SIBRE standard wheels are made of forged  cylinders of material 42CrMo4V with other material available on request.
  • For high demands the track surfaces can be flame hardened to a maximum of 62 HRc, to reduce tread-wear.
  • These types of wheel assemblies are particularly suited to High Load track-mounted machinery such as Ship to Shore Cranes, Ship Loaders, Stackers, Reclaimers and High Capacity Smelter Cranes to name a few.
  • Both driven and non-driven wheel assemblies can be supplied, assembled to shafts with bearing housings installed.
  • Any OEM design can be matched to customers specifications.
Track Wheels for Heavy Machines

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